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  • Summer Essential Kit
  • Summer Essential Kit
  • Summer Essential Kit
magic cactus routine

Summer Essential Kit

20,00 €

Discover the two essential haircare products of the MAGIC CACTUS routine, with this Summer Essential Kit, made of 1 Shampoo (225ml) and 2 travel-size Intense Care Masks (2x25ml)! They are two key-steps of your weekly routine to take care of your curly and dry hair this summer!

Discover these two indispensable in our Summer Essential Kit, at 20 euros.

Allegations :

95,34% minimum natural ingredients - silicone-free, sulfate-free, parabens-free - dermatologically tested - vegan - made in France

list INCI +

Hair types ?

For wavy, curly and frizzy hair. 

Benefits ?

Cleansing, Moisturizing, Regenerating, Nourishing.

How often ?

We recommend to do this routine once or twice a week, no more! In the one run, cleansing agents contained in shampoos (even in the softest and most natural of them!) can be a bit irritating for the scalp of curly hair... So, for those of you who would like to wash your hair every day, we advise you to do the following: alternate between this MAGIC CACTUS routine and the DETOX ALOE routine - with its gentle, ultra-nourishing and detangling Co-Wash!

Other recommended product ?

In addition to this MAGIC CACTUS Summer Essential routine, do not forget to use a finishing product on your curly hair! Whatever your habits are, bear in mind that it's very important to use a no-rinse daily care after washing your hair. We recommend our anti-frizz Daily Hair Spray (for all types of curls, wavy to very curly!).

MAGIC CACTUS Essential kit, a 2 steps-routine:

Step 1 / Shampoo:

Once or twice a week (no more!), begin your Essential routine with the Shampoo: apply a small amount of product on wet hair, at the root and scalp - but not on the lengths (so that excess sebum is removed, but without damaging your curls!). Soflty massage while gently "lifting" the hair at the root to evenly distribute the shampoo. Then rinse thoroughly - it's very important! Our advice: if your hair is just wavy, and not very dry, do not hesitate to add a little amount water in your palm before applying the shampoo.

Step 2 / Intense Care Mask:

After shampoo, apply the Intense Care Mask on the lengths and ends (and not on the scalp!) - a small amount, depending on your hair length. Then detangle your hair with your fingers, or with a large comb. The leave-in time is very simple and versatile: the Intense Care Mask simply adapts to the needs of your curly and dry hair! Use it as a simple detangler with zero leave-in time (for wavy and dry hair), or leave it on between 3 and 5 minutes for a more nourishing effect (for dry, curly and kinky hair), or leave it on for about 10 minutes underneath a hot towel for an ultra-regenerating effect (for very dry hair)! Then rinse thoroughly. Our advice: this Intense Care Mask is also an excellent "pre-shampoo" mask! So if your hair is very dry, simply reverse steps 1 and 2 of this routine, starting your Essential routine with the Intense Care Mask. And most importantly, do not forget to use a finishing product!

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30/06/2020 à 09:40Michèle
Mes cheveux ont beaucoup apprécié ce shampooing et le soin intense . Ils sont plutôt secs et sont vraiment mieux après ces soins

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