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the detox Aloe Fever routine

10 January 2019
Par Barbara

Let us introduce you to our new favorite "Aloe fever" routine, with a focus on the Pure Scrub, made of organic aloe vera, sea salt and lemon essential oil. What is this new beauty gesture? Why is it important to detoxify the scalp and hair? Find out more about our full Aloe Fever detox routine!


Every now and then we are all obsessed with detox, eating healthy food, taking care of our skin with, detoxifying our body... But what about our hair?? Well, they do need to be deeply cleansed and purified as well! That's why we developed (for many, many months!) a completely new beauty gesture, to help you detoxify your hair: the Pure Scrub, a very gentle care made of organic aloe vera, sea salt and essential oils.


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Why using a hair scrub?

Srubs are known to be very beneficial for body and face, and I'm sure you almost all of you have used one before... but hair scrubs are much less common in our bathrooms! But you have to know that scalp and hair also need to eliminate toxins and be purified, as scalp is actually skin! And this skin is particularly mistreated by pollution, dandruff, dead cells, sebum, and accumulation of haircare products... so the hair does suffer from this as well! So,  what are the benefits of a hair scrub?

1. Gently clean and purify

Our hair scrub deeply cleans the hair, and it also eliminates impurities and products' residues, thanks to the combined action of organic aloe vera, sea salt and essential oils. Therefore, the efficiency of the products that we use will be simply improve: indeed, if your scalp and hair are "saturated" with products, they will no longer absorb them... and even if you use very natural products, residues inevitably accumulate, and create, in the long run, a "barrier" to absorption of products - as well as an increase of sebum. To fight this, it is important to regularly use a detoxifying shampoo or scrub (every two weeks or every week).

2. Scrub and activate circulation

The Detox Scrub contains very small grains of sea salt (which completely dissolve in the hair), which is an excellent natural exfoliant to activate the scalp micro-circulation: it eliminates dead cells, dandruff and excess of sebum, while providing rebalancing minerals. By combining sea salt with the purifying and soothing action of organic aloe vera and essential oils (lemon, citron, cedar wood and Ho wood), the capillary system will be entirely purified and oxygenated - and the result is visible almost immediately: hair is healthier, more beautiful, and it grows faster! And since our Detox Scrub also contains avocado and sweet almond vegetal oils, it is super gentle for the scalp, and provides all the moisture needed for our dry and damaged hair!

3. Prevent and calm irritations

By eliminating dead skin and products' residues, the Detox Scrub helps prevent and treat the itching, which often the consequence of hair colorations (which leaves chemical residues). It also soothe tingling.

How to use it?

The Detox Scrub is to be used instead of your usual shampoo once a week or once every two weeks - depending on your hair volume and and condition! It is very easy to use:

- on damp hair, or on dry hair, apply the product directly onto the scalp (by simply unscrewing the tube and applying it directly on the roots);

- then gently massage the scalp with your fingertips for a few minutes, to reactivate the blood circulation;

- then rinse with warm water before the next step: the hair mask or detangler, for example our Aloe Vera Co-Wash

And here is a little tip: our Pure Scrub is also an excellent body scrub!


Discover the full Aloe Detox routine 


Made of the Pure Scrub and the Co-Wash, this simple routine gently cleanses, purifies and nourishes the scalp and hair! Discover it thanks to our Aloe Fever kit.