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the Magic Cactus routine

3 January 2019
Par Barbara

The Magic Cactus range is a complete, simple and versatile haircare routine, adapted to our very demanding dry, damaged and curly hair. What are the key steps of this routine, and why is it so important to use it regularly?


Every new year we all have good New Year's resolutions... And at Shaeri, ours is to have Happy Hair all year long! After the holidays' various excesses, we usually concentrate on taking care of our skin, but please do not forget your hair, because it does suffer the consequences of these excesses! As explained by Farah, our naturopath, our hair is directly influenced by what we consume and by their environment... so really, do take special care of it at the end of the year and during winter, and adopt the full Magic Fig routine to deeply regenerate, hydrate and nourish your hair!  


routine magic cactus

Step 1: nourish deeply

First step of this routine: the Multi-use Care Oil! It is ideal not only as a finishing care for very dry ends... but also as an "oil bath" to be applied before shampoo, to deeply repair the hair and prepare it for the washing step: to do so, apply a small amount of oil on the lengths and ends, and leave for half an hour to an hour (or all night long!). You will notice your hair is immediately soften, and deeply nourished. And this Care Oil is also ultra-regenerating for face and body: you can abuse it in summer and winter.


Step 2: moisturize

Second step, the Magic Fig Shampoo, which is at the same time moisturizing and nourishing: and dry, damaged and curly do need both!


Step 3: regenerate

Third step, the Intense Care mask, to deeply nourish and regenerate the hair - but without weighing it down! It is a multi-use care, that can used as a a hair mask, a detangling care or a "pre-shampoo":

- when you run out of time, or if your hair is short and not very dry, it can be used without any "leave-in" time, just like a detangling care;

- if your hair is very dry or damaged, let it sit for about 5 to 10 minutes before rinsing, just like a hair mask;

- and if you hair is extremely dry or damaged, use it as a "pre-shampoo": let it sit for about half an hour, before shampoo on dry or moistened hair - or underneath a hot towel to increase the effects!

And here is a little tips: women with very curly hair can also use it as a finishing care, applying a small hazelnut of Intense Care on the curls after drying.


Step 4: care

The last step is the Haircare Spray, your everyday ally to moisturize and nourish dry ends: on dry or wet hair, every day - and even several times a day, press a few psschits in the palm of your hand before applying on dry ends... bye-bye frizz, hello beautiful and healthy hair!



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