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17 October 2018
Par ZO

In particular with Cédric !


Who are you Cedric?

As a hairdresser for 14 years, I have always worked for independent salons in the provinces, then I was a trainer for an American brand for 5 years and manager for 7 years for a Parisian company. Seven years ago, I met a woman who had curly hair and she asked me to cut it dry, because when it was wet, the result did not reflect her daily styling: it clicked. It's true that it's quite logical to dry cut hair with their everyday styling, and since then I only cut on dry hair for all types of textures: straight, curly, afro, asian... because in the end it's the hair that guides me during the cut and not imposed by me.

Tell us a bit about the Workshop?

Since November 2016, I receive my clients at Daphné NARCY's workshop at 60 rue Saint Sabin, Paris 11, in an intimate and confidential setting.

The client must perform, before our appointment, her hair ritual, and style her hair as usual, which allows me to be as accurate as possible when I cut dry; it's a sure thing and the client will have no surprises when she shampoos and when she styles her hair. The appointment lasts between 45min and 1h, there is only the client and me, which allows me to be focused only on her. I take the time to listen, to understand, to know her "capillary" and to realize her desires (if they are suitable). I receive by appointment only, from Wednesday to Saturday and 2 Sundays per month by appointment only.

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 And why is curly hair so feared by hairdressers? Very often, when I walk into a salon, I see them turn pale

I think they are feared by hairdressers because when you start learning to cut on hair, the training is done on wet hair. You usually train on models with rather straight hair, you have to create clean separations and have good tension to cut.

When a client with curly hair walks through the door of the salon, you don't know how to deal with this texture that you haven't seen in training. I'd rather have a hairdresser who tells a client than one who doesn't know how to cut this type of hair, which would lead to mediocre result. The client will be very disappointed and will spend months letting it grow back. A haircut seems trivial but it is powerful: it is a character trait, it is a hair garment in which one should feel comfortable. A bad haircut (or colour) can have an impact on your confidence in front of others.

Cutting on dry hair avoids the triangular shape (often the result of cutting on wet hair) and gives an oval shape, which is the most harmonious shape.

Any tips on how to take care of them?

Having curly hair requires a beauty ritual consisting of several steps and time. A curly texture is a dehydrated hair, which is a good point to avoid washing it too much. I remind you that a shampoo is for the scalp, and a treatment for the hair.

Doing an oil bath with coconut, jojoba, avocado, etc, can be done once or twice a month for deep hydration. Masks or treatments can be applied to dry hair before shampooing for a more beneficial effect, with as much downtime as possible.

There is no point in layering styling products as this will suffocate the hair. It is important to choose the right products for your hair type. The HairCare Spray in the morning is great for rehydrating the hair and disciplining frizz by adding a few drops of Care Oil in your hands and putting them on your hair. Drying can be done in a diffuser with warm or cold heat and at medium speed for maximum volume and do not dry completely so that the curls "set", or in the open air.

Maintenance of the cut on dry hair can be done every 4 months.

Do you blow dry or no blow dry?

It all depends on the client's wishes, the choice to be able to change the head: natural or smooth while protecting the hair fibre from the heat of the styling appliances. I prefer the client to blow-dry with a brush and hair dryer, which closes the scales of the hair and reflects the shine, rather than blow-drying without a brush and then straightening the hair, as this is how the hair is sensitised - or leaving it natural with the appropriate styling products.

Cedric receives by appointment only: find all the details on cedricenparticulier.com