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The benefits of lemon essential oil

7 October 2021
Par Cecilia

Originally, lemon essential oil was very popular in many European countries, especially Spain, for its medicinal properties: it is used against fevers and infections. But it is endowed with many other virtues, especially for the hair, which make it very useful on the cosmetic level. We make you the recap!

First of all, lemon essential oil comes from the lemon tree, whose white flowers are fragrant and lacy and whose ripe fruit can be as big as an orange. The essential oil is extracted by cold pressing the outer part of the rind of a fresh lemon. It takes about 3,000 lemons to produce one kilogram of lemon essential oil!

Its benefits for the hair:

- The essential oil of lemon in the hair allows to sanitize the scalp
Purifying, the essential oil of Lemon is essential to cleanse the hair. It is also antiseptic, meaning that it has antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. These properties allow to clean the scalp of various pathogens which can cause dandruff or skin irritations. If your scalp is itchy, this is THE solution. No more irritation, itching or inflammation!

- The benefits of lemon essential oil against oily dandruff
If you suffer from oily dandruff, applying lemon essential oil to your hair mixed with jojoba oil will help you greatly: its cleansing properties will do your scalp a world of good, and energize the cells of the epidermis thanks to its tonic effect.

-It promotes shine
Lemon essential oil provides shine (dull hair illumination at the rendezvous) to hair. A healthy hair grows better and faster. This essential oil contributes to increase the resistance of the hair, to make them less breakable but more brilliant by tightening their scales.

- An essential oil regulating sebum
Essential oils also have the power to say goodbye to your dry or greasy hair by influencing sebum secretion so that it returns to normal. Every time you wash your hair, using lemon essential oil will help regulate your sebum production.

Its benefits for the skin:

- The lemon essential oil to fight against the problems of skin
 Lemon essential oil helps the skin to get rid of small problems such as psoriasis, eczema, acne ... Indeed, since lemon cleanses the scalp, it is also very good for the rest of the epidermis. By incorporating a few drops in sweet almond oil, you get an ideal massage oil for atopic skin. Its astringent and purifying virtues help make pimples disappear.

- Lemon essential oil to slow down the premature aging of the skin
Mature skin also likes lemon essential oil. Its tonic and energizing effect boosts the cells of the epidermis and activates blood circulation. Result: a plumped-up skin. Here again, the mixture of sweet almond oil and lemon essential oil is ideal for massaging with circular movements from the bottom up.

- The essential oil of lemon to restore radiance to the complexion
Is your skin looking grey? Massages with apricot kernel vegetable oil combined with a few drops of lemon essential oil will restore your face's radiance. The energizing effects of the massages and the tonicity of the citrus fruit will restore beautiful colors to your complexion.

You will have understood, do not lose one second and add some drops of essential oil of lemon in your shampoos and your masks for hair and for the skin... We also cracked and we use it in our Pure Scrub and our Co-Wash !

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