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Our Shaeri kids

3 October 2018
Par ZO

 A simple, gentle and effective routine for little curly heads, with our gentle care with organic aloe vera!


Every curly girl and girl with a curly head has known it since childhood: for curly kids, the bath routine can quickly turn into a torture session! The hair of little curly heads is fragile and often very difficult to detangle... so if you don't have the right products and the right gestures, hello drama! Our Shaeri kids care products were born out of a real need and a request from many mothers: how can we take care of our curly kids' hair, with products adapted to their fine, fragile and hard to detangle curly hair? Follow the guide, here, we tell you all about our soft care products!


crédit photo: maman de Meryem


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crédit photo: maman de Barbara


Why organic aloe vera products for children?

Les cheveux des curly kids sont beaucoup plus fins et plus fragiles que les nôtres, c'est pourquoi on a développé des formules légères et douces, qui ont une vraie action démêlante mais qui n'alourdissent pas les cheveux! L'aloe vera issu de l'agriculture biologique s'est imposé comme l'ingrédient idéal, car cette plante est connue pour ses propriétés hydratantes, rafraîchissantes, adoucissantesprotectrices et purifiantes. C'est à l'intérieur de ses feuilles qu'est recueilli le gel ou la pulpe d'aloe vera, et celle-ci est non seulement très bénéfique pour la peau, mais est également un véritable allié pour le cuir chevelu et les cheveux: elle hydrate les cheveux, prévient les démangeaisons et les irritations du cuir chevelu, et régule la production de sébum. 

Curly kids' hair is much thiner and more fragile than ours, which is why we have developed light and gentle formulas that have a real detangling action but do not weigh the hair down! Organically grown aloe vera was the ideal ingredient, as this plant is known for its moisturising, refreshing, softening, protective and purifying properties. The gel or pulp of aloe vera is collected from its leaves and is not only very beneficial for the skin, but is also a real ally for the scalp and hair: it moisturises the hair, prevents itching and irritation of the scalp, and regulates the production of sebum.

And healthy hair needs both nutrition and moisture: it's the secret to having soft, strong, manageable hair. So we've combined the moisturising action of aloe vera pulp with the nourishing action of avocado oil, for gentle detangling.

Step 1, the shampoo: and what's in it?

Let's start with what it doesn't contain: free of sulphates, silicones, parabens, mineral oil and alcohol, our Kids Shampoo is also allergen-free. More and more children suffer from allergies or intolerance, and their skin is often extremely sensitive and reactive... and so is their scalp! This is why we have chosen to ban allergens from our children's care products. Allergens are generally present in essential oils and perfume: and our perfume has been specifically formulated for children - allergen-free and alcohol-free!

Our advice for use? Apply to wet hair, massage gently into the scalp, emulsify well and then rinse, rinse, rinse! 

Step 2, the most important one : the detangling conditionner

Our advice for use? After shampooing, apply to towel-dried hair, on lengths and ends only. Gently comb through with your fingers, or with a wide-tooth comb (very important step!), then rinse, rinse, rinse!

Last step: our tips to dry children's hair

Children's curls are particularly fragile. They should not be dried with traditional towels, which tend to absorb moisture, weaken the hair and create frizz... It's best to dry your hair gently with a microfiber towel (but a cotton T-shirt will work just as well!). And by the way... it also works very well on the parents' hair :-) Opt for the microfiber towel for the whole family!
It's best to let them air dry... but if you want to use a hair dryer, use a diffuser - and not too hot if possible!


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