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19 January 2021
Par Kenza

2021 started with a nice proposal. Shaeri, a brand that I've watched be born and grow and for which I've already, with great pleasure, talked about hair - especially my own, gave me carte blanche to create a new column on its online magazine. Naturally, a title comes to me for this new space of expression: Méditerranées, which I combine in the plural.



The aim of this new magazine section is to draw on Shaeri's primary source of inspiration, our old Mediterranean, to write new stories. The Mediterranean has never been as trendy as it is today, from fashion to cuisine to beauty. Here, with you, I would like to approach it with sincerity and curiosity for those who are discovering or rediscovering it, with two urgencies in mind.



The first is to highlight the plurality and singularity of the journeys, the commitments and the situations we are going to be interested in together through the stories, portraits and exchanges in the form of Instagram colive that will structure this section. The second one is that of representing differently the cultures that make up this Mediterranean in order to deconstruct the fixed and often reductive images that prevail. "Méditerranées" is part of a wider, global movement that is actively working to change the discourse on our identities, because they are in motion.



Last but not least, I am very happy to create this space where you don't expect it, to break away from academic standards to try to reach as many people as possible, on short and easy to share formats, combined with products and rituals that please you.



See you soon,


Bio: Social and political columnist for Le HuffPost, i-D et Tapage, curator of the "Art et Société" workshop at the Maison Européenne of the Photographie (MEP), cool teacher at L'Institut d'études politiques de Paris and author of the graphic novel #PorteOpen to be published in the spring, Kenza is interested in political issues, pop culture and hair. She has been recharging her batteries on the Moroccan Mediterranean coast for 31 years and has lived in various ports.


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