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Black for good

29 November 2019
Par ZO

We are proud to be part of the #blackforgood movement, a great alternative to Black Friday! We explain here why it's important!



What is Black Friday?

Originally, it comes from our American friends. On the Friday after Thanksgiving (the fourth Friday in November), shops offer a range of promotions, each more interesting than the last! This day is also considered to be a kick-off day for Christmas shopping, and the last shopping before the end of the year.

Step by step, Black Friday has become a worldwide phenomenon, even inevitable.

The problem is that Black Friday has a social and environmental cost: it gets consumers used to paying less and less, and therefore to closing their eyes to the production conditions of the products they consume... but it also gets consumers used to buying products they don't need, just because it's on special offer, and on a global scale, this has a real environmental impact!

We are a young brand and since our creation, we have studied our prices to propose efficient products, designed and produced in France and which are proposed to you at the fairest price all year long!


So what is Black for Good?

No promotions this weekend, we're replanting trees!

80 French and international brands have joined the #blackforgood movement: together, we have chosen to rethink the act of buying on Black Friday, to bring it a sense of citizenship and ecology. Instead of breaking our prices, we prefer to offer a positive alternative and make our customers actors of change and become responsible consumers: it is up to all of us, brands and consumers to initiate the change in our consumption patterns. Thus, we have decided to collaborate with Eden Reforestation Projects, a non-profit organisation whose mission is to create well-paid jobs for the most underprivileged communities, in order to make them agents of global reforestation.

Shaeri's approach to developing the cactus industry has been from the beginning - and now more than ever - committed to the changes linked to global warming. This association, for its part, offers the poorest people the opportunity to grow, plant and monitor trees in order to recreate large-scale forests that are home to indigenous species that are on the verge of extinction: an approach that is consistent with our own. Thus, by making a purchase on shaeri.fr between 29 November and 2 December 2019, you will support the Eden Reforestation Projects association!

Do you also want to actively participate in the movement?

To do so, nothing could be simpler: treat yourself this weekend on www.shaeri.fr and contribute to the Eden reforestation Project! Every euro counts!