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Apply a leave-in moisturiser!

14 May 2019
Par ZO

Do you dream of having perfectly shaped curls and no more frizz? We've got you covered! Leave-in moisturizer promises to leave you with healthy looking hair, moisturizing your curls and ends just right.
It's often difficult to find a good leave-in moisturiser that perfectly matches your hair type. That's why, in this article, we reveal why you should make your own leave-in moisturiser at home!


 The benefits of a leave-in moisturiser?

Leave-in moisturiser has many advantages. Indeed, this homemade treatment is suitable for all hair types, provided that it is made with the right products.
As you probably already know, depending on whether you have thin, curly or frizzy hair, the treatments you use are not quite the same, but the application times will be different: depending on its nature, hair does not have the same nutritional needs. Some hair (especially fine hair) requires a light treatment, while thicker or curly hair needs a larger amount of leave-in moisturiser.

Leave-in moisturiser also saves precious time. Are you in a hurry and can't afford to leave a treatment mask on in the morning? Don't panic! Leave-in moisturiser is here to save you! After shampooing, apply the Leave-In Moisturiser to wet hair, then dry and style as usual.
In addition to its convenience and ease of use, a leave-in moisturiser is a blessing for dry, brittle hair, as it works deep down and long-lasting throughout the hair. Not only does it moisturise the ends, it also effectively softens and detangles the hair without weighing it down. The curls are therefore moisturised and revitalised.
Finally, the leave-in moisturiser is an excellent shield against the heat of the curling iron or hair dryer. So you can style your hair as you like, without the risk of damaging it.

How to make a leave-in moisturiser?

Coconut milk, aloe vera, argan oil... there's no shortage of recipes. All you have to do is mix ingredients that are good for your hair. For example, you can mix a dab of aloe vera with argan oil in a bottle with a pump or a recycled jar, or add a few drops of essential oils. Simple and quick to make, these no-rinse moisturisers tick all the boxes.

However, be careful to measure out the amount of product you put on your hair. It's also important to avoid the scalp, as this can lead to a lingering greasy effect.

You can apply it before or after shampooing, in the morning to wake up your curls, and even in the evening after moistening your lengths. Finally, the leave-in moisturiser can also be used as a night treatment. Simply apply it before going to bed and tie your hair in braids, for example. You'll wake up to sparkling curls!

Now you know the benefits and precautions of leave-in moisturisers. Now it's up to you to make your own, adapting the ingredients to the nature of your curly hair.


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