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  • Detox Aloe kit
  • Detox Aloe kit
  • Detox Aloe kit
aloe routine

Detox Aloe kit

44,00 €

Adopt the complete and detoxifying routine ALOE FEVER, thanks to this Detox Aloe kit composed of our two organic aloe vera and essential oils haircare products ! The Detox Scrub and the Co-Wash and Detangling Care are sulfate-free, silicone-free, paraben-free, and contains 97% natural ingredients. Thanks to these two extra-gentle detox treatments, purify your scalp, wash and untangle your hair, all in a few minutes!

Discover it at 44 euros instead of 48 euros.

Allégations :

97% natural ingredients - silicone-free, sulfate-free, parabens-free - dermatologically tested - vegan - made in France

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Hair types ?

All year long for curly and frizzy hair, but also for all types of dry hair when on a beach holiday !

Benefits ?

Detoxifying, Cleansing, Moisturizing, Nourishing, Detangling. Thanks to this DETOX ALOE routine, deeply cleanse and purify your scalp while detangling and nourishing your hair!

How often ?

We recommend that you do this routine once a week, or once every 10 to 15 days, depending on your habits: if you usually washing your hair twice a week (or more), we advise you to do the Detox Aloe routine once a week; and if you usually wash your hair once a week or every 10 days, you can do this routine every two weeks only!

Other recommended product ?

With this routine, in two very simple (and fast!) steps, you will deeply and gently clean and nourish your scalp, and also deeply nourish your hair and curls! Almost nothing else needed... but don't forget to use a finishing product! Every hair routine should ends with a daily care no-rinse product (either on wet hair, or on dry hair), such as our Daily Hair Spray or our multi-use Care Oil from our MAGIC FIGUE range!

The ALOE FEVER Detox Aloe Kit, a complete 2 steps-routine:

Step 1 / Detox Scrub:

Once a week or every two weeks, and instead of your usual shampoo, apply the Detox Scrub onto dry or wet hair, directly on the scalp, stripe by stripe. Massage gently to activate microcirculation, then rinse thoroughly. Thanks to the combined action of aloe vera, marine salt, purifying essential oils, and moisturizing and nourishing vegetable oils, the scalp will be softly purified, moisturized and regenerated! Our advice: the Deux Scrub is also an excellent body scrub! So do not hesitate, apply it also all over your body, to soften and regenerate your skin.

Step 2 / Co-Wash :

After the Detox Scrub, it's very important to use a nourishing hair mask! That's why the Co-Wash is the ideal second (and last) step of this routine, as this "5-in-1" care will continue the actions of the Detox Scrub, while deeply nourishing your dry hair. It cleanses, detoxifies and detangles thanks to the combined action of Aloe Vera, essential oils, conditioning agents and vegetable oils. Just apply it on your lengths, massage, untangle with your fingers (or a large comb), then rinse thoroughly. Our advice: since it doesn't  contain any washing agent, this Co-Wash can be used as often as you want... so don't hesitate, in between two Detox Aloe routines, use it alone as a "no- poo ", to wash and untangle your hair in juste one single step!

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