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Did you know you could wash your hair without using shampoo? It's possible, with the ALOE FEVER routine! Its ingredients are much less aggressive than the detergents contained in traditional shampoos, and the combined action of aloe vera, sea salt and essential oils gently purifies the scalp. And vegetable oils and shea butter deeply moisturize the lengths!

And we also thought of the little curlies, with a dedicated "Aloe Kids" line, a very gentle and allergen-free routine!

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Detox Aloe kit
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Our two haircare ranges

Our first haircare range is made of organic and ecocert prickly pear seed oil from Morocco. This "super-oil" contains six times more active ingredients than argan oil, and it gives your hair a true moisture that will repair it, revitalize it and nourish it. Prickly pear oil is also rich in Vitamin E and Omega-6, and help to  fight against free radicals and to provide cellular rejuvenation. Our second range is made of organic Aloe Vera. This ingredient is known for its antioxidant, purifying, moisturizing, soothing and restorative properties, making it the ideal care for dry, and damaged hair.

The specificities of dry, damaged and curly hair

 For many straight-hair women, having curly hair is a dream... And actually, having curly hair simply means having dry hair, so it takes the right product and routine to take care of it! And why is curly hair so dry and weak? It's actually quite simple: reason one is that because of the curls themselves, the sebum produced by the scalp is not well distributed all over the hair... and reason two is that the keratin scales rise slightly to create the curls - hence the hair is very weakened! As a result of all this, curly and frizzy hair are always dry or very dry... So our products are ideal for all types of dry and damaged hair.

Millions and millions of women are concerned, as we can see in social networks with so many publications containing the hashtags #hairtop, #curlyhair and #dryhair. And all these women are looking for the right product to take care of their hair! Our Shaeri haircare products will help them moisture, regenerate and repair their hair... and it will also help them to LOVE their hair! Because loving your hair is the most important of all!


For us, our hair is something very important. This topic may seem vain and frivolous, but it's actually a key entry to many social, cultural and historical issues: very often criticized, curly and frizzy hair were considered for a long time as a problem, almost a "defect"... but what we want is to love our hair, and to help other curly women love their hair as well! That's why we developed haircare products that combine pleasure, naturalness and efficiency, so that this daily routine become a true moment of pleasure: a moment for yourself! Our formulas will deeply moisturize and nourish your hair, to make it healthier and more beautiful. Our secret ingredient? Prickly pear seed oil, which has been used by Berber women since very ancient times: it deeply regenerates dry and damaged hair.

We have already conquered thousands of #shaerigirls with dry, damaged or curly hair, who use our products daily: from Shampoo to Intense Care Mask, Haircare Spray and Multi-use Care Oil... So don't hesitate, join our community to have beautiful hair! We share our hair experiences - our # hairstories - and we give you tips to help you like your hair and to reveal all its beauty... all our beauty!


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